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The Handcrafted Mug

The Apron

Temporary Tattoos

The Canvas Bag

The Trivet

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Books from The Splendid Table Contributors

The Splendid Table

How to Eat Weekends

A Summertime Grilling Guide

Dinner: Changing the Game

By Melissa Clark

Dorie's Cookies

By Dorie Greenspan

Pati's Mexican Table

By Pati Jinich

Cook’s Science

By America's Test Kitchen

The New Portuguese Table

By David Leite

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The Splendid Table Store

The Splendid Table Store is a collection of the equipment and items we’ve used and liked for years, along with new finds. The store features tools, gadgets, cookware and linens that Lynne and Sally like and use, in addition to tips from the show’s frequent contributors. This collection gathers kitchen finds from many different stores, arranged into several categories.

These are our opinions and certainly not the final word on good, bad or indifferent, but we hope you’ll find value for your money, utensils that become old friends, and gifts you’ll enjoy sharing. Any purchase will help support the ongoing production of the show so we can serve you even better!

Splendid Books: Gathered together in one place are all the books featured on the show, plus a few additional books we’ve come to like. Good food books for us do not necessarily require recipes. This is a collection of some of the books we find ourselves reaching for again and again.

Splendid Kitchen Tools: Favorite cookware and tools you will use often while making your favorite meals or desserts. Just like the books, we keep coming back to these tools again and again.

Splendid Kitchen Tips: Useful tips on tools or cooking featuring cookware, tools, gadgets and tips to help spur ideas for meals or aid in the preparation and cooking.

Splendid Cookware: How do you know which pots you need or which ones are worth upgrading? Keep an eye on your kitchen sink. The pots and gadgets you see there all the time are your workhorses, and they should be of the highest quality you can afford. We favor thick aluminum pots lined with stainless steel. They should have heat-conducting aluminum all the way up the sides of the pan, not just a thick disc on its base. Those discs have a habit of giving you a burned ring around the pan’s edge when you sauté. These are the pieces we find in our kitchen sink most often.

Splendid Cutlery: These are sound entry-level tools, the stalwarts of the knife world that hold up to any job. One caution: That knife with the claim of “stays sharp forever without sharpening” won’t. It’s made from metal so hard that it can never be sharpened again, dull for all eternity. Ideally, a knife has a blade that is soft enough to take a new edge yet hard enough to hold it for a while. Watch chefs work and notice that, from time to time, they take a long knife steel and give their knife a couple of passes. That and a sharpener will keep them primed for years.

Splendid Gifts: Gift ideas for foodies and cooks. These are unique finds that we like.

Splendid Glassware: Yes, what you drink wine from can change how it tastes. So, here are a few of our favorite glassware pieces plus tips on what to look for when purchasing glassware for various occasions.

Splendid Bakeware: Tools and equipment we like for baking.

Splendid Gourmet Food: Gourmet Food items we keep using again and again.

Splendid Entertaining: Items that will help make your next gathering or dinner more memorable. From tableware to tools and equipment.

Splendid Grilling: Ideas, tips and tools to make summertime grilling more enjoyable.

Check back often, as we’re updating daily with new products and finds. The Splendid Table® is actively working toward debuting exclusive new products on Pretty Good Goods and we hope to have updates soon!