Episode 54: The Business of Specialty Coffee

August 8, 1998

We're taking a look at specialty coffee this week. It's big business these days, but it's also an affordable everyday luxury. A pound of fresh-roasted beans costing $10 yields 40 cups—a cost of just 25 cents each! Our guest, Corby Kummer is senior editor of The Atlantic Monthly and one of the country's most respected food journalists. His 1990 series on coffee was nominated for a National Magazine Award, and he recently authored a book on the subject titled The Joy of Coffee: The Essential Guide to Buying, Brewing and Enjoying. Corby will give us lots of tips to ensure a perfect cup of joe every time! Jane and Michael Stern have been to New York and have advice on where to find a great pastrami sandwich. John from Vermont talks maple syrup, commentator Kathy Purvis takes us to England, and Derek from Minneapolis tries to Stump the Cook. Lynne talks about a culinary history study tour and takes your calls.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • February 28, 1998 (originally aired)

  • August 8, 1998 (rebroadcast)