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Made In Cookware

  • Made In brings professional-grade cookware to restaurants and home kitchens alike. Splendid Table listeners get 15% off at MadeInCookware.com/SPLENDID


  • With HelloFresh, you get farm-fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and seasonal recipes delivered right to your doorstep. Splendid Table listeners get 60% plus free shipping on their first box at hellofresh.com/table60


  • The Smithfield brand stands for craftsmanship, authenticity, and pure passion as we continue to give meat-lovers across the country the deliciousness they crave.

Soom Foods

  • A family run company founded by three sisters, Soom makes their tahini with the highest quality sesame seeds. Save 15% when you visit soomfoods.com and use code "TABLE"

Dirty Labs

  • Dirty Labs is out to prove that eco-friendly cleaning products can be safe, sustainable, and… actually work. Visit dirtylabs.com/table to get 20% off your first purchase and see why people are making the switch to Dirty Labs.

Whole Foods

  • Whole Foods Market is the perfect place to “spring back to life” with delicious and convenient food choices to help you come out of hibernation.

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