Episode 698: A Holiday Jubilee

December 20, 2019
Listen: A Holiday Jubilee

We're getting ready for the holidays with Toni Tipton-Martin, author of Jubilee: Recipes from Two Generations of African American Cooking; she talks about the historical and religious importance of African American foodways in the U.S. Raquel Pelzel (Umami Bomb) tells us how to prepare crowd-pleasing party dishes for vegans and vegetarians. We get an introverted insight on entertaining from Questlove and his new book, Mixtape Potluck Cookbook. And, Melissa Clark reunites with pastry wizard Claudia Fleming about The Last Course, the classic book they penned together nearly 20 years ago.

Show Segments

  • 00:00 - Show Introduction

  • 01:35 - Melissa Clark and Claudia Fleming

  • 15:30 - Raquel Pelzel

  • 25:40 - Questlove

  • 38:00 - Toni Tipton-Martin

  • 51:40 - Show Credits


Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • December 20, 2019