Episode 745: Thanksgiving with Rodney Scott, Nik Sharma, Genevieve Ko, and Eric Wareheim

November 25, 2022
Listen: Thanksgiving with Rodney Scott, Nik Sharma, Genevieve Ko, and Eric Wareheim
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This week, we put together a guide of delicious Thanksgiving ideas coming from some of the smartest people in the food world. Pitmaster extraordinaire, Rodney Scott walks us through his method for barbequing turkey. From how to achieve a perfect mild smoke at home to the must-have spice rub, Rodney talks us through it all. He is the owner and author of Rodney Scott’s World of Barbecue. Then, we bring on the carbs with scientist-turned-cook, Nik Sharma as he explains the thinking behind his delicious Masala Cheddar cornbread, a combination of savory and sweet that is a must in your Thanksgiving menu. His latest book is The Flavor Equation. Then, Senior Editor of New York Times Cooking, Genevieve Ko tells us what Thanksgiving was like growing up eating traditional Chinese dishes alongside the turkey, and how it has become a more than a once-a-year feast for her family. She is the author of Better Baking: Wholesome Ingredients, Delicious Desserts. Plus, comedian, actor, and winemaker Eric Wareheim is in the house to talk about what to drink with the big feast. His latest book, FOODHEIM: A Culinary Adventure.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • November 19, 2021 (originally aired)

  • November 25, 2022 (reboradcast)

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