Maura Judkis head shot Maura Judkis Photo: The Washington Post

Maura Judkis is a food and culture reporter for The Washington Post and its new food and recipe website called Voraciously. The site's name seems appropriate, considering that one of the things she did at work recently was lock herself and a bunch of her colleagues in a room and eat a ton of hotdogs. Why? For journalism, of course! They were determined for find the best hot dogs for you to bring to your next cookout. There were 15 different dogs in the running. Maura says some were fantastic and some were not very hot doggy at all. She talked with Francis Lam about the contestants and shared the results of their taste test. Read full reviews and ranking of all 15 hot dogs in Maura's Voraciously article.

Francis Lam
Francis Lam is the host of The Splendid Table. He is the former Eat columnist for The New York Times Magazine and is Vice President and Editor-in-Chief at Clarkson Potter. He graduated first in his class at the Culinary Institute of America and has written for numerous publications. Lam lives with his family in New York City.