• 8 tablespoons (1 stick) unsalted butter, softened

  • 2 teaspoons kosher salt

    WNK-Scheck Eats Bookcover ScheckEats―Cooking Smarter: Friendly Recipes with a Side of Science Jeremy Scheck
  • 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

  • 1 teaspoon red pepper flakes

  • 8 bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs

  • 8 dates, pitted and thinly sliced

  • 8 carrots, chopped

  • 1 celery stalk, thinly sliced

  • 1/2 red onion, sliced into rings

  • 1/2 cup dry white wine (or enough to coat the pan evenly)

  • Juice of 1/2 lemon


Dates add a wonderful sweetness to this simple dinner in which your protein and veggies are cooked in one pan.

  1. Preheat the oven to 400°F (or 375°F if using convection).

  2. Mix together the butter, 2 teaspoons of the salt, the pepper, and red pepper flakes in a medium bowl.

  3. Arrange the chicken evenly on a half sheet pan. Rub the butter mixture onto the skin. Place the sliced dates, carrots, celery, and red onions in the pan around the chicken.

  4. Place the pan in the oven, then carefully pull out the rack and pour the wine around the chicken. Bake for 40 to 45 mins, until the skin is crispy. Finish the chicken with a squeeze of lemon juice.

Excerpted from ScheckEats―Cooking Smarter © 2023 by Jeremy Scheck

Photography © 2023 by Jeremy Scheck. Reproduced by permission of Harvest Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. All rights reserved.

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